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Wild Wadi amusement park is currently one of the best and most popular water parks of Dubai. Wild Wadi has been build and operated by the world famous, and probably one of the richest hotel groups in the world the Jumeirah Hotel Group that operates some of the best hotels in the entire Middle Eastern region. The Jumeirah Group owns the highly famous Burj Al Arab and Jumeirah Beach hotels in the seaside of Dubai, and the Emirates Towers Hotel in the downtown of Dubai. Jumeirah Group is sponsoring several other constructions all around Dubai and the Middle Eastern regions. So, let us see what Wild Wadi offers to its visitors.

Wild Wadi Dubai has been built to include an altogether 24 attractions consisting of different slides and other equipments, enabling children to have full fun time. These include surfing machines and with the second largest slide in the world. The water park has one huge pool, which is the centre of most of the fun activities and several smaller pools to ensure everyone is having fun from the smaller to the elder generation.

This Dubai water park has been specifically built in order to be a new, modern Wadi or Oasis as they call it in here, for all its visitors. Wadi is regarded with much love and respect in Dubai. If you are in Dubai, you will hear this word a many times. Wadi is the symbol of peace, fun or even happiness in Dubai, a desert land, where the importance of all Wadis has been extremely important in the olden days, when Dubai only served as a stopover point for all the merchants and pilgrims, on their way to Saudi Arabia.

Wild Wadi Dubai had also created its own legend or playful fairy tale, around which, the life of Wild Wadi is concentrated or led by. This legend is the tale of Juha, who has the role of being the host of all visitors entering Wild Wadi water park. Juha’s tale connects to the tale of Sinbad, taken from the 1001 Arabian Nights, a very popular collection of Arabic and Turkish tales, going all around the Arabic world. Juha and his family are the ones who offer all the various services for the visitors, in order for them to have the best time possible in the water park. The tale of Juha tells us that during one of his ship adventures where Juha took part as a close friend of Sinbad, he accidentally found the place, where Wild Wadi is located today. It describes the place as a beautiful natural wadi, which he decided to form to welcome lots of people, in order to join this gift, which the Wild Wadi Dubai is today. You can meet Juha and his family, his wife, son and daughter playing with children and helping visitors to know themselves around the park. This legend makes Wild Wadi more colourful and unique, differentiating it this way from other water parks.

The Wild Wadi Water Park has diverse facilities, which offer all sorts of fun services for both those who enjoy the fun activities, for the children and for the elder and those who would like to relax. Let us enlist some of the most important attractions of Wild Wadi, followed by the facilities. Attractions of Wild Wadi starting with all the different slides:

The Master Blaster: This is a great unique slide, which is also able to send its "passengers" not only downwards, but also upwards in a propelling way, creating a unique rollercoaster experience. Here you can choose from sitting in a lonely or double ring. Master blaster has diverse rides called: White Water Wadi, Jebel Lookout, Wadi Leap, Hos'N Hurler, Falaj Fury, Wadi Twister, Wadi Basher, Flood River Flyer.

Ring Rides are the so-called ordinary downhill rides. Wide Wadi offers also many diverse types of Ring rides, such as the Tumble Falls, Falcon Fury, Rushing Rapids, Thunder Rapids and the Tunnel of Doom.

Tantrum Alley & Burj Surj are two new slides that came instead of the former family rides. Both of these attractions are the very first in the Middle Eastern region. Tantrum Alley combines sliding with tornado feeling.

Jumeirah Sceirah is the second highest "free-fall" water- slide in the world. With a height of 33 metres, riders can reach the speed of up to 80 km/hr!

Other attractions of the Wild Wadi Water Park:

Beakers Bay is the largest pool enabled to create huge waves for surfers with huge capacity machines which are able to move an altogether seven tons of water every second pushing them in such way, so that they can make huge waves for the surfers like within the pool. Its waves can reach up to 1.5 metre height and come in five different configurations. Other attractions related to the big pool are the following:

Flow Rider rides are for those who are afraid of the speedy rides or would just rather prefer to do something different.

Wipeout and Riptide is a great simulator of huge waves where people can exercise surfing, body-board or kneeboard.

Juha's Journey is a great journey on a 360 m (1,180 ft) long river -ride ensuring a great and relaxing journey in a boat where you go through the whole place going under waterfalls. It is indeed a very romantic experience!

Juha's Dhow and Lagoon is the place where everything has plans in favour of children. It is a playful and beautiful water playing area for even the smallest. Here, children can play with over a hundred different fun games.

The facilities of Wild Wadi include three restaurants, two snack bars, and gift shops as well. There are many lifeguards all around the Wide Wadi, in order to prevent people from having any accidents. The opening times of Wild Wadi Dubai are from 11 am to 6 pm in the winter and 9 pm in the summer. Although non–Muslim women can enter freely, Tuesday is the day when only Muslim women with children under 10-year-old can enter.

The entrance tickets are up to where you stay. If you stay in one of Jumeirah’s hotels, then you are entering Wild Wadi Water Park free. Normal prices costs AED 150 for adults and children above 1.1 metres. The entrance fee for children costs AED 124.

You will see how great Wild Wadi Water Park is great for every generation hungry for water activities, especially in the summer. Either go earlier or later as the park is extremely crowded during the day. With all its worldwide unique attractions and great sites, surely Wild Wadi will amaze you as well, making you return soon.