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Beit Al Bahar Hotel and Beach Villas

Beit Al Bahar Hotel and Villa complex is purely a fantastic chance for those having the budget to have the best time ever in Dubai. This is among the newest projects of Jumeirah group, a fully operating luxury complex, which is embracing the Wild Wadi Dubai water park and it is right by the Jumeirah Beach.

The Beit Al Bahar has been created for those, who would like to have the best relaxing time in Dubai. Beit Al Bahar has been designed to bring the Caribbean feeling in Dubai. The Beit Al Bahar means House by the Sea in Arabic. The Jumeirah Group as one of their latest investments operates the complex. Jumeirah Group is among the biggest hotel and developer companies in the whole Middle Eastern Region, and is among the wealthiest hotel groups in the world, opening its new hotels all over the world, every year.

The Beit Al Bahar is divided into a total of 14 segments or complexes within the complex. The first are the villas themselves, which are all equipped with just everything you may desire to have in a beach villa. There are 19 villas and they are located right behind the Wild Wadi Dubai, a water park owned by Jumeirah group all the same. For this reason, guests of Beit al Bahar may also enter to the Wild Wadi Dubai without any charge.

Other parts of the Beit al Bahar complex include entertaining and catering facilities out of which the Apartment lounge and club is the one which is really worth mentioning, as the meeting place of those renting a villa in Beit Al Bahar.

Jumeirah offers the villas in a package including free coffee or tea, breakfast, cocktails and internet or WIFI. Of course, the villas are not cheap at all, but it is understandable if we see the highest quality of holidays that Beit Al Bahar offers to its exclusive guests. Out of the villas, you can rent one or two- bedroom villas. Each bedroom is a double bedroom with space for baby-bed inside. Each villa is fully equipped and has its own terrace overlooking the beautiful water of Persian Gulf. The architectural style of the villas is traditional Arabic style, of course highly westernized in its interiors.

As for the fun and entertainment facilities of Beit Al Bahar, we can mention the Carnevale and the Events Arena where superb shows are held every evening. Outside of these, there are diverse bars and restaurants over here, including discos, such as the Go West, the German "Der Keller", the traditional Arabic Al Khayal and the Western Uptown bars and restaurants, which all do their best to amaze their guests culinary, every single evening, with all their specialities, food and drink to the highest like of everyone.

Although Beit Al Bahar has offers only for those who are quite wealthy, yet there are seasons, which give chance for renting one of the villas at a cheaper price as well. There are other discounts also, just do not forget to check them out on Jumeirah’s website. Beit Al Bahar is worth visiting, even if for a day only.