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Eating in Wild Wadi Dubai

There must be no one in Dubai who has not heard about one of the most important attractions of Dubai: the Wild Wadi Water Park. However, of course when visiting the park, the question about eating and drinking facilities comes up. What to do when we have prepared food, drink for the children, and would not like to drop these out? They should come also handy when going back home.

So, what about the catering facilities within the Wild Wadi Water Park, what can we do when we have food and drink with us and do not want to drop them away? Luckily, the management of the Water Park has thought of this possibility and have managed to have a cool place where everyone can put and store their homemade food and drink. Within the Wild Wadi Park, it is not possible to eat or drink what you have brought with yourself. The main reasons for this are the following:

Profit reasons: The Wild Wadi has three restaurants and two other buffets. How could they expect them to make profit and continue operation in the park if there is no one wanting to eat or drink there? This is a key-reason because all the shops must create profit in order to bring quality and to work well.

The other reason is the sanitary reason. Homemade food might turn bad; someone might bring something that is not good, referring to the effect of the heat on food, especially the dairy goods. If someone turns ill, how could the Park helps or made responsible for all that? There is no way dealing with so many people all having their food that they cannot search back how they brought them inside or where they bought it.

Therefore, these are the reasons. Let us now see where to eat and drink within the Wild Wadi Water Park: Julshan’s Kitchen and Sinbad’s Galley, Ali’s BBQ, Leila’s Stand, Leila’s Oasis, Shahbandar’s Café.

The catering facilities are named after the family members of the figures whose story shape the operation of the Wild Wadi Water Park. The park has created its own legend explaining its operation and the reasons of its building with the fairy tale story of Julshan and his family, Ali, Leila and his daughter Leila. According to the legend, Julshan found the place while visiting Dubai shores with his good friend Sinbad, the legendary sailor of 1001 Arabian Nights.

All these catering facilities are great opportunities for the families to sit down and have a great meal together. There is a wide variety of foods and drinks sold within the Wild Wadi Water Park. It is unnecessary to mention, that there is no alcohol within the park. If you are a tourist who likes drinking alcohol, then Dubai is not really the place for you, anyways as being a Muslim country, the selling of alcohol is limited to the hotels only.

Wild Wadi Water Park is a great and equipped place, so you do not have to worry about not being able to get food and drinks within. As for the prices of the restaurants, they have mid-category prices, with slight differences between each place. You must prepare to have some hundreds of Dirham with you for food and drink and of course, for ice cream. With a good budget, you can be sure that you will have a great time in Wild Wadi. There are different promotions with the offer or free food and drinks, check them out on time, on the website of Wild Wadi or in person.