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Wild Wadi, being a beautiful place for having fun and some refreshment, especially in the summer season in Dubai has so many opportunities inside that it is no wonder that the Park is also a great and popular place for holding various, mostly children parties. This park gives home to some of Dubai’s most exciting attractions, also offering relaxing chances for those who would not like to join the adrenalin-moving rides on the fantastic slides of the Wild Wadi water park. Let us be frank, which person not want to have their birthday would party within such a great park, among all children in the world?

Wild Wadi is one of the most popular attractions of Dubai. This great water park is located right by the Jumeirah Beach Hotel, with a fantastic view to the iconic Burj Al Arab Hotel, which is the one and only seven-star hotel in the world. Wild Wadi has altogether 24 large attractions, enabling you to spend even a whole day there. The old-time wadi or Oasis inspires its beauty as the place is planned to be an oasis for everyone, a great refreshing and fun place, bringing happiness and laughter. The Wild Wadi Water Park is one of its kind in the whole Middle East, bringing people so unique attractions, out of which there is only very few in the world. Overall, Wild Wadi water park is a great attraction not to miss for any and everyone.

Event management has been always one important part of tourism, being also the most profitable segment of this industry. The tourism is a great business and so are children, so if someone combines to two, that for sure will bring a great achievement in business. In addition, it is a great idea! Such parks are perfect places for fun, as they have been targeted to be building to bring fun, especially for the younger generations. Moreover, as Muslims love to celebrate, so what can be a better idea than making the park available for private events and parties?

Among the most popular children events, we can find the birth parties, when people celebrates a little newcomer into the family and need a place, where all the family’s children can have fun in the meantime. Other important celebration is the celebration of circumcision. This is one of the most important celebrations in a boy’s life. Other great event is the event of the birthday party. Birthdays do not count as important as in the Western culture, but Dubai being westernized together with other Arabic countries is starting to take up this celebration as well. Given the fact that Arabic families have plenty of children, such events can even bring about fifty adults and around a minimum of twenty children together. Although women cannot bathe in these occasions, these private celebrations give place for great family times.

There are not only family events, but also sports events held in the area of Wild Wadi Dubai. One of these events is the Amazing Race competitions, which includes competing in sliding. If you are lucky to have prominent friends in Dubai, or you manage to get some, you will for sure attend some of such great events. However, by any chance, visit Wild Wadi water park. You can be sure, that you will have a fantastic time over there. Wild Wadi Dubai does its very best to entertain all generations at the same time.