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Wild Wadi Dubai - The Flow Club

The Flow Club of Wild Wadi has been implemented as an extra feature not too long ago. With the new sport, called Flow Boarding getting more and more popularity in sea resorts, Dubai located Wild Wadi Water Park has also decided to keep up with the new trend and has created the Flow Club specifically for those, who would like to exercise Flow Boarding.

Talking about Flow Boarding this is, as mentioned before a relatively new sport, which is exciting enough to bring many fans out of the surfer’s generations, to try to exercise it. In the Dubai Flow Club, located in the Wild Wadi Water Park, there are different sessions held for the fans of the sport, from the beginner’s level to the professional sessions. The Flow Boarding is a combination of surfing, body boarding, snow boarding and even wakeboarding. During the Flow Boarding, you must ride on artificial specific waves, which are called sheet waves among the professionals. The sheet waves are technically called either Wave Lock Flow Rider or Flow Barrel. A corporation called Wave Lock Incorporation invented all these. Currently, only this corporation owns the right to build all machines related to create these special sheet waves. The company is from La Jolla California.

Sheet waves are being created by the special machines of Wave Lock inc. in a way, the machine pumps layered water at a different speed. The different water surfaces making waves run as if the sea-waves create the waves. The waves should not move forward but only they should add dynamism, with the help of which Flow Boarders can make different movements, turns and figures on the water.

With the help of the special packages, you can easily sign up to learn Flow boarding, especially if you have previously gained knowledge about surfing and to have an overall equilibrium to keep yourself steady on the water.

Package Duration Price
1. 1 session AED 75
2. 3 sessions AED 199
3. 6 sessions AED 375

The Extra for AED15 means that everyone can bring one friend with a so-called Spectator pass, meaning that your friend or family member will be a viewer of the training.

Day / Timing Ride Power
Saturday 7:30-8:15 am Single Pump
Saturday 8:30-9:30 am Double Pump
Saturday 7:30-9:30 am Normal

The place of the sessions is the Wipeout and Riptide pool, with its special machines, the only place in Dubai where you can exercise such sessions of Flow Boarding. You can bet that you will have a great time and you will easily learn how to do Flow Boarding, due to the brilliant machines and sessions of the Flow Club at Wild Wadi Water Park. The Flow Club can be joined anytime. If you feel like viewing a session, in order to get idea about it, ask someone going in the Flow Club, but does not have an accompanying friend, to have the extra price costing only AED 15 for viewers.