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Holiday Inn Dubai Al Barsha

You may not know it yet, but as soon as you arrive to Dubai, you will see how well the huge shopping malls are equipped with lots of hotels in their area. And its no wonder, talking about such a well known international shopping destination as it Dubai, that people come here for shopping, especially the wives, who have escorted their husbands or boyfriends to a business meeting or a conference and do not know what they could do in their free time while they are in Dubai. Therefore, what could be a better choice for these couples and maybe even for you, to stay in the Holiday Inn Dubai Al Barsha. Holiday Inn Dubai Al Barsha is a very good mid-category hotel, meaning that it is close enough for action but has way better rates than all the luxury hotels of the Jumeirah Hotel group. They mainly occupy the whole Jumeirah Beach area, including Jumeirah’s own Madinat Jumeirah, the Wild Wadi Dubai, and the iconic trademark of Dubai, the Burj al Arab and the Jumeirah Beach Hotel, just to mention a few examples. Of course, Jumeirah Hotel group owns a lot more hotels in the area, which have many similar features, namely their good quality and quite high rates. So, hotels like the Holiday Inn Dubai Al Barsha are getting more and more popular and visited than before, as we must mind out wallets a bit more, thanks to the financial crisis.

These hotels of Al Barsha are indeed very lucky. They cannot have the sea as their top attractions but they do have their location as their priority features. Holiday Inn Dubai Al Barsha is just minutes away from the Mall of the Emirates. If you like shopping or eating out, or by any chance like taking long walks, then the hotels of Al Barsha, such as Holiday Inn Dubai Al Barsha are perfect for you. Also enjoy the water fun of Wild Wadi Dubai, or they could look around in the Dubai Museum but as we know, most women tend to choose shopping malls, instead.

About Holiday Inn Dubai Al Barsha, we will not be able to tell any features that would make this Dubai hotel unique or outstanding; maybe this feature is really their best quality. The hotel is a nice, clean hotel, minutes away from every attraction. No matter you would like to see the Wild Wadi Dubai or to ski in the Ski Dubai located within the Mall of the Emirates. If you feel like watching a good movie, the district of Al Barsha is just perfect for doing so.

As it is a 4-star hotel, the Holiday Inn Dubai Al Barsha looks quite attractive. If you take on the Red line of the Metro and take off at the stop called Sharaf DG, you will instantly see this hotel by a walking distance. The hotel has 310 full-extra rooms, equipped with everything we expect from a top Dubai hotel too. There are multiple types of rooms here, from single to triple with many extra beds and so on. If you read about high-speed connection, ask it if it is supplied through "du" or an independent developer because if it is supplied by "du" which supplies the entire neighbouring Media and Internet Cities, then the talk about high-speed connection is in fact not true. Besides that, the hotel is a pleasant place.

Holiday Inn Dubai Al Barsha is among the most offered budget hotels in Dubai where it is not the same where you stay and for hoe much. So, keep your eyes open, and get a great hotel just as the Holiday Inn Dubai Al Barsha for you to spend some great holidays in Dubai.