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Ibis Hotel - Mall of the Emirates

Talking about the Ibis Mall of the Emirates, we must first mention the Accor Hotel chain and the Mall of the Emirates. However, nice and equipped Ibis Hotel is among the dozens of hotels of Al Barsha offering the very same services for a good price, so you need to see what makes the Ibis Mall of The Emirates different if there is any, to make you stay there, during your stay in Dubai.

So, now about the pure facts: The Ibis Mall of the Emirates has altogether 204 rooms, a good midsize hotel. Out of the 204 rooms, 153 are double rooms, 49 are twin-bed rooms and there are two special need rooms, for disabled people too, which is now part of the international standard requirements. The rooms are well equipped with all the necessary security, bed a TV and an air condition that you may control. The good thing is that there is WIFI in the lobby of the hotel. The hotel also offers dry-cleaning and all of its rooms are strictly non-smoking rooms. The parking place of the Ibis Mall of The Emirates is located inside (under) the hotel.

The situation of the Ibis Mall of The Emirates is very lucky. It is just some minutes walk from the Mall of the Emirates, then from the Dubai Media City, the Dubai Internet City, the World Trade Centre and the whole Jumeirah area. The Al Barsha area, where the hotel is located is the Nr1 fun zone for everyone during day and night.

Talking about the Mall of the Emirates, if you do not know this shopping mall yet, then for sure you will, during your stay in Dubai. Some interesting facts about the Mall of the Emirates: it used to be the biggest shopping mall of Dubai for a long time, and then the Dubai Mall has been built as the biggest shopping mall in the world, putting the Mall of the Emirates one-step back. Besides, it is a great shopping mall, having much entertainment and catering possibilities.

The Mall of the Emirates hosts the one and only ski place in the Middle East. Out of place, there is only 1 or 2 more, in the whole world. Therefore, Ski Dubai is an attraction you must see on all accounts. However, do not worry. You do not need to pay the entrance to look inside. The Mall of the Emirates, inside of which the Ski Dubai has been built there are windows, where you can peep inside Ski Dubai. You can only try to imagine how huge amount has been spent on this project before. Nevertheless, luckily now, it is one of the best profiting attractions, together with the Wild Wadi Dubai and the Aquaventure water parks.

So, try the Ibis Mall Of The Emirates, you will see that you get quality but for much lower prices where the staff is the same kind with you as if you arrived being a rich guy. Ibis Mall of the Emirates has many discount periods; do not forget to check them out on their website.