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Jumeirah Beach

Jumeirah Beach is surely the part of Dubai that you will see and spend most of your time there. Jumeirah Beach is top touristic site where the best attractions of Dubai are located. These do not only include the top beach hotels, or the famous Palm Jumeirah Island, but also the Wild Wadi and the Souk Madinat complexes in which you will surely spend lots of time. Let us now see what Jumeirah Beach is all about and what can we see over there.

Jumeirah Beach has started to gain more attention in the Nineties , when the Sheikh of Dubai seeing his sheikhdom getting wealthier, decided to enlarge the city, toward the Jumeirah Beach, which has been destined to be the future centre of Dubai. Ever since Jumeirah Beach is indeed the central part of Dubai, Jumeirah Beach is where most of the top sea resorts are located and where the top hotels can be found, together with all the skyscraper jungles of the new Dubai Marina and Jumeirah Lake Towers can be found.

Sometime ago, Dubai was concentrated to Deira and Bur Dubai parts, by the delta of Dubai Creek. Today, Jumeirah Beach is definitely the largest beach of the Middle East and its newest parts are right next to Jebel Ali, which, long time ago, used to be 33 km away from Dubai City.

The most popular attractions of Jumeirah Beach can be found southwards from the Dubai Maritime City. It is located by the delta of the Dubai Creek, and contains the Regency Resort, the Jumeirah Beach Park with the Beach Club, the Dubai Offshore Sailing Club, The Burj Al Arab, with the Wild Wadi Water Park and the Souk Madinat complex, which includes 3 hotels and hundreds of different shops located within the souk. The souk Madinat has been created to look like a medieval town surrounded by walls and in real if someone is only staying in the Souk Madinat, he or she can still make a perfect holiday out of it. The Souk Madinat has picturesque buildings and a whole web of beautiful canals, which enables you to see plenty of water while being inside of it.

Not to mention that the place is full of restaurants, bars and discos like the famous Trilogy, so no matter what you would like to do while staying in Dubai, for sure you will spend plenty of time and make tons of photographs within the souk Madinat complex.

There are dozens of hotels located on the Jumeirah Beach. These are the best hotels in the region with the most outstanding hotels in the world, including the huger than huge Atlantis the Palm, the main hotel of the manmade island the Palm Jumeirah Island complex. Atlantis the Palm is the twin brother of the Atlantis in Nassau and it is one of the most outstanding hotels in the world, including one of the best water parks of Dubai the Aquaventure with its unique attraction the Lost Chambers.

It is interesting to note, that Jumeirah Beach was to be named Chicago Beach but the name has changed due to the Sheikh of Dubai, who has renamed the whole beach to the name of the old settlement and people who used to live in the area of Dubai long time ago.

Jumeirah Beach fulfils most desires, which a real beach resort city can offer its visitors. In addition, Jumeirah Beach is currently the most hi-tech beaches in the world.