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Wild Wadi water park is by far one of the best ever places for kids and family programs in Dubai, especially when the weather is hot and water activities are the ones which come the most handy. Wild Wadi Dubai is a great entertainment place for children and takes high care with the production of the best attractions and activities for kids and family.

Wild Wadi Dubai altogether 24 big attractions, containing several water pools, including the biggest pool that a water park has ever had before in the Middle East, called the Breaker’s Bay. There are dozens of slides over here, creating the most fantastic experience for kids and family as well as for adults. Of course, we must note here, that for many attractions, a minimum height of 1.1 metre is necessary. For the smaller children, there are the smaller slides and other great attractions that take care of their fun.

Let us see the targeted attractions for the smaller generation, within the Wild Wadi Dubai. First, before starting to enlist these attractions, we must talk about the leading motive of the Wild Wadi Water Park, which is in fact a sort of a homemade legend, the legend of the creation of Wild Wadi, which of course all children love to learn about.

The legend has strong connections with the most famous collection of tales coming into the mainstream from the Arabic world, called the One thousand and One Arabian Nights. If you do not know these tales, still you must have heard of the tales of Sinbad, the sailor, whose story has been also taken from the 1001 Arabian Nights and have been released by the Disney Corporation as an alone standing story. Getting back to the legend of Wild Wadi, it is the tale of Juha, who is also a sailor, a close friend of Sinbad, who one day finds the place that is a natural Wadi, as Oasis called in here, having many springs and a great site. Juha moves here with his family, his son Ali, his wife and daughter both named Leila. Still today, they are the main figures of Wild Wadi, leading many of the kids and family entertainment programs. Their main area of operation is in the area where two of the main kid’s attractions are located. These are called:

Juha’s Dhow and Lagoon are a real paradise for the children, with children friendly activities, slides, mini pools also for toddlers and some great games. Here, there is a real water playground, in which both kids and family can enjoy all day. Here you can find a real water castle, where you can slide down happily and the variety of activities is so big, that can keep even the most active children playing here for hours.

If you got tired and long for some relaxing activities, then choose Juha’s Journey, which is a 360-metre long great journey on boat for the whole family, where you can relax a little bit floating on the water. Please beware that toddlers cannot wear their own nappies in the water. They must purchase the locally sold water-nappies sold in the shops of Wild Wadi.

Wild Wadi Dubai is a great place for kids and family programs and if you are tired, you have chance to rest a bit in the shadows. Take care to pack or purchase extra high factor crèmes for your kids, so that they do not get sunburnt. There are high numbers of water-guards all over the place, taking care of everyone’s security within the Wild Wadi water park.