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Ladies' Night at Wild Wadi

We might find it interesting or rather comical, but Ladies Night does have a great importance for Dubai women. In order to understand this, we must understand the Muslim religion and the Muslim culture a little bit more in detail.

First, being a Muslim woman, gives most women pride in most Arabic countries. Luckily, the repression of women is must Muslim countries, which follow the Sunni way, is non-existent. Here we must exclude Iran, which follows the strictest Shia branch, and Saudi Arabia, which follows the strictest Wahabism or Islamic fundamentalism, and Afghanistan where women’s situation is unfortunately not good at all. These exceptions unfortunately bring the West falling into categorization of Muslim women, thinking that their situation is the same in all Muslim countries.

Fortunately, it was not like this long ago. Women in most Muslim countries are allowed to get education, drive a car or work whatever they would like to. Dubai is a modern Muslim state though. Here women wear the traditional headwear called hijab or burqa, but wearing burqa is not obligatory at all and more and more women are leaving the wearing of the hijab behind as well. However, most women wear it, because of religious reasons. In the Muslim culture, women are ordered to take care of the family, to take high care of them, not showing off their body and their hair, in order not to put temptation into any men who are not their husbands. A Muslim woman cannot reveal her body to any foreign men, and for this reason, swimming and outdoor bathing possibilities for Muslim women are only those days, when water parks and swimming pools only let women to get in, together with their children, girls and boys. The boys should not be older than 8 year of age.

When you as a Westerner enter to a water park, the most of what you will see are local men. Although Muslim men also do not like bathing publicly, most of the local visitors are teenage boys during the normal days, or father with the children.

Ladies’ Night is held in the Wild Wadi theme park every Thursday, lasting from April to October. On this very day, from 8 pm to midnight or 9pm to 1am, only Muslim women can enter the Wild Wadi water park, together with their siblings, with the age restrictions taken into consideration. The reason why it is held so late in the evening is in order to give less chance for people to view Muslim women anyhow, from the outdoors and also because in the evening, the taking of photographs can be seen because of the flash. The reason for this is that taking of any photographs during the Ladies’ Night, by anyone is the most strictly prohibited and severely punished. The Dubai Muslim culture has lots of respect for Muslim women and wants to protect their privacy on all levels.

Admission fees:
General Admission: AED 170
Children below 1.1 meters: AED 135

Other rules include ID card must be presented for young boys upon entering. If this cannot happen, then the boy cannot enter unless he is much younger than 8 years old. Of course, the usage of any type of alcoholic drinks or the usage of drugs is strictly prohibited. Public affection is not allowed either.

Additional services include the Ladies’ Night Cabana, which means a great place serving as an outdoor room for the women of the family for 4 persons. For AED 1200 excluding the normal fee, you even get some free towels and VIP access to some of the attractions. The Ladies’ Night package contains gifts, such as a pool bag, towel, glow stick and a water bottle.