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Mina Al Salam Hotel Dubai

Reading about this hotel, you will ultimately feel as the old saying says, "every road leads to Rome" in Dubai has been modified to every top places are owned by the Jumeirah group, so you really cannot avoid them at all. However, you can trust in Jumeirah Group and their quality standards. They keep and operate the best places in town. Including this beautiful hotel as well, the Mina Al Salam Hotel, being part of the Madinat Jumeirah souk-like creation, which looks a cross between a souk and the 1001 Arabian Nights, fulfilling all the Western requirements on the two words "Authentic" and "Luxury".

Mina Al Salam Hotel is part of the huge Madinat Jumeriah, which has been created to the form of an authentic souk, as the traditional Arabic marketplaces are called in Dubai. The Mina Al Salam is only a small part of this huge complex. The Madinat Jumeirah has been created beautifully. It looks like a souk with a web of canals, which make the whole place look simply wonderful. The complex houses hundreds of shops, markets, dozens of restaurants and two hotels: the Mina Al Salam and the Al Qasr luxury hotels.

Mina Al Salam has been built to resemble the traditional old-time Arabic castle, and it is a great experience staying at a hotel, just inside a souk and with a fantastic view to the sea and on the Wild Wadi Dubai. Mina Al Salam is quite a big hotel, but it is not among the highest hotels in Dubai, it is rather wide. It gives a peaceful atmosphere to the tired traveller, like a real Oasis in the middle of Dubai. Its interiors are also wholly authentic, but not letting out all the Western luxury of course. The place is a popular photo-spot for the photographers, who are aiming to give back a traditional part of Dubai, in the middle of the wonderful Madinat Jumeirah.

This Dubai hotel has its own private beach, a wholly equipped gym and spa inside the hotel. Upon arrival, you will be happy to see the beautiful bosket of fruits as a sign of your warm welcome in Dubai. The hotel has several restaurants such as its second floor lounge and the Shimmers restaurant, famous for its barbecue. The hotel needs no high count of catering facilities though as being in the Souk you can find dozens of places to eat, to drink or just to sit and relax. However, the lounge of the hotel serves food all day.

It is interesting to mention that both the iconic Burj Al Arab Hotel and the Jumeirah Beach hotel are easily reachable from the Madinat Jumeirah. You can also enjoy the services of there hotels, being all part of the Jumeirah Group. What more, living in a Jumeirah Hotel guarantees you free entrance to the great Wild Wadi Dubai Water Park, which is among the top attractions and fun places of Dubai.

Mina Al Salam is a great cross between a downtown hotel and a beach resort. From the Hotel, you can get to many places in Dubai quite easily; there are also shuttles, which take you to the old downtown area for a short price.