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Wild Wadi water park, being among the most popular attractions, not only in Dubai, but also throughout the entire Middle Eastern region has plenty of rates that are in fact not cheap at all, compared to other water parks or theme parks. Wild Wadi wishes to operate on the highest level throughout the year and as it deals with great number of visitors, they must make sure that they have the suitable income for employing the best staff and operating all the amenities on a great level.

The advanced booking is becoming highly fashionable nowadays, because no one likes to stand in a row yet everyone would like to make sure, that he or she gets it on the very day in which he or she intends to do so. There are several booking sites where you can buy your entrance ticket for the Wild Wadi Water Park. The only question is the site worth looking at and the site not worth at all.

First, let us see the normal admission rates of the Wild Wadi Water Park, if you buy tickets from them straightaway. Unfortunately, Wild Wadi itself does not use online booking system. The reason for this is that the Jumeirah group, which operates two large hotels, namely the Burj al Arab and the Jumeirah Beach Hotel located just next to Wild Wadi, owns the park. The guests of these hotels can get in to the Wild Wadi Park without any cost. For this reason, the number of those who can enter, is different and hard for the bookmaking to register everyone, among which half of the total number of entrants gets in without pay.

Therefore, the normal rates for Wild Wade are as follows: BOOK ONLINE!
For Adults: AED 205 and for Children (under 1.1 metres): AED 165

There is a sunset deal, if you go two hours before closing, you can get in for AED 30 less for adults, and AED 25 less for children. Wild Wadi has several other deals too, on which you can get more information on the website of Wild Wadi. If you count the rates to USD, you can count with AED 4 per every US Dollar, meaning that the admission fee is around USD 51 for adults and about USD 41 for the children. In EUR, it means EUR 34 for adults and EUR 27 for children.

Websites, such as Isango, Arabian Horizons or SeaHolidays.com or EmiratesAvenue all offer admissions to the Wild Wadi Dubai. Let us see their prices now that we know about the original rates. EmiratesAvenue offers VIP Adult ticket delivered to your place in Dubai, for 10 Dirhams less. The children’s ticket costs AED 5 less only. Therefore, this is a good deal, if you would like to spend a whole day in the Wild Wadi for normal rates.

The British Isango offers online booking for a high price of GBP 65, which is at least a USD 90, and they do not use children for extra rates at all. This does not seem to be fair at all, so you should rather forget about this site.

The Arabian Horizons offers tickets to Wild Wadi for a USD 69 per adult and USD 62 per children, which we can see is about USD 20 more than the original price, in return they offer nothing. This is also not a site to book.

SeaHolidays offer tickets for USD 52, which means about a Dollar more only, but they do not sell children’s rates, which means they want to make more income out of that difference. This is a site to consider but the original prices are still better.

Overall, only one site is worth the attention, namely the local EmiratesAvenue site, where it is really a deal to book your admission tickets. If you want to return to Wild Wadi though, it is worth to look at their other promotions, when you are there, as you have chance to book your tickets even for a cheaper price at Wild Wadi. So, consider and book your first admission tickets as soon as possible, as Wild Wadi is really a place not to miss.