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Wild Wadi Dubai, being one of the most popular attractions within Dubai, is prepared to welcome more and more people who love water and who would love to try all its great attractions within. Some of the attraction Wild Wadi hosts are worldwide unique and are really worth trying.

Wild Wadi water park is located on the Jumeirah Beach, right next to the huge Jumeirah Beach hotel. It is no wonder, that the same hotel group leading the main hotels of the town, called Jumeirah Hotel group, owns Wild Wadi as well. Wild Wadi hosts around 24 different attractions in its area, having three restaurants, buffets and gift shops. The management of Wild Wadi does its best to provide everyone with the best suitable services and attractions one can desire within a Water theme park.

The entrance fees to Wild Wade are not cheap at all, but they are worth the price. The adult tickets cost AUD 200, which is equal with around USD 50 or EUR 35. Prices apply for everyone who are over 1.1 metres in height. For those who are smaller, mainly children of course, the entrance fee is cheaper, around AUD 125. The guests of any Jumeirah Hotels can use Wild Wadi Park without any cost, which is a great promotional tactic by Jumeirah Group.

The Wild Wadi water park has several promotions, in order to make guest’s time more enjoyable, for them to have fun and in order to call more people to visit Wild Wadi Dubai. Here, we enlist some of the best promotional examples in Wild Wadi Water Park: Ladies’ Night, Summer Pass, Family Mornings, Buy one, get one free, Sunset = low price, Wild Wadi yearly pass.

Ladies' Night - Held Every Tuesday afternoon, and it‘s the day when Muslim women can enjoy bathing, they can bring their children too, who under 10 years of age.

Summer Pass - Lasting from 15th April to the end of Ramadan, which falls around the middle or end of August for a special season, rate is AED 850 for adults and children for AED 650 for the whole season. Additionally for an extra person, you bring you pay only an AED 150 for adult and AED 125 for the whole season, so it is a great bargain.

Family Mornings - When prices are AED 170 for adults and AED 135 for Children with a free breakfast, and if you come in family as four people then one child gets 50% discount from its total entry fee. Entrance times are from 8.00 am to 10.00 am Saturdays.

Buy One & Get One Free - If you use the Entertainment Book coupon upon entrance, your friend or family member accompanying you will get in without any cost.

Sunset=Low Price - This means that you get special rates if you go 2 hours before the Wild Wadi Park closes. Rates are the same as the family morning rates.

Annual Pass - You do not have to stand in queue anymore in order to go in to Wild Wadi. You get in also for a much cheaper rate. In addition, this pass comes with several discounts to many places, hotels and restaurants. You can get the whole list by the entrance or from the website of Wild Wadi. Annual Pass for adults costs AED 2000/year, for children it is AED 1000.