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As we all know, Wild Wadi Water Park is a great place for fun and activities, but many might wonder what to do, if someone would like to relax and have a little bit of silent time, while he or she can refill the batteries if we can say so. The great thing in Wild Wadi Dubai is, that apart from being one of the most active and busiest place with all of its slides and fun attractions, it gives chance for everyone also to relax and have a little bit of a meditation time within the water park. There are some activities and some places within the Wild Wadi Water Park, specifically planned for relaxation. These include the following:

Juha’s Journey
Who would not like to float on a riverboat, listening to the waves of water and spend their time just with relaxation and looking around? Juha’s Journey gives place to fulfil these desires. It is a beautiful round-the-park journey, taking 360 metres long, where guests, families can just float, enjoy the water and relax. Of course, you need to pay extra attention to the children; however, this is really the safest way to enjoy the water of the Wild Wadi Water Park. If you do not feel safe enough in the water, you can borrow lifejacket for yourself and for the smaller members of the family. This is the most suitable for family relaxation.

Flood River
Flood River surrounds the flow riders, which is a special pool for those who would like to exercise some of their surfing and flow boarding skills. Here, the waves are gentle and there is plenty of space in the flood river for those who would not like to surf either. This is a great for relaxation.

Cabanas are borrowed habits from the Caribbean region, meaning a shadow-giving place or even a kind of bungalow, in which families can rent for a day, which can be their base of relaxation after or before enjoying all the activities of Wild Wadi Water Park. This is the best place for bigger families. It is ideal for Muslim women who cannot bathe publicly, so they can stay away from all the noise and traffic of the water park and have some quite time alone or together with the other women of the family. There are six Cabanas for rent only, so be tricky and book one on time if you like. The Cabanas are located next to the Juha’s Journey River and they really look fantastic. You need to pay the Cabanas rental price separately from the entry fees. There are some extras included in the price such as a VIP Fast Pass Access, white water wadi slides, and sun loungers with cushion meaning a private rest place with a view to the beach. Cold towels are handed over to you upon arrival and you will have a great table for four persons in front of your Cabana with a free bottle of cold water. Entrance fee is not included in the cabana price. It will cost you plenty of money. We can say it is really worth for those having a baby, or for those whose Muslim wives accompany the family and need a private place to hide.

The Fish Spa or FISHO
This is among the newest attractions of Wild Wadi Water Park and it is a relaxation place as well as an attraction containing beauty and health treatments at the same time, with lots of fun of course, in a relaxing way. For sure, you have never met such an attraction before in your life, so it is really worth trying for everyone. The basic idea of the attraction is to use fish and at the same time benefiting them as well. There is a fish called Garra Ruffa and it came out that, they could be called for help when it comes to exfoliation. The fish cleanses your feet and frees them to the dry and dead skin cells. This is a great feeling, as a humble massage for the feet. Beware as the fish tickle but once you get used to them, you will fully enjoy this great and relaxing treatment.

Overall, Wild Wadi is a perfect place for relaxation and activities at the very same time. Try some of these relaxing attractions, and after some relaxation, you can get back to enjoy the ongoing party of the Wild Wadi to its fullest.