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Swimwear & Bikini

Wild Wadi Safety & Rules

Wild Wadi water park is definitely one of the most popular theme parks in the whole world. The water park hosts some worldwide unique water attractions. The Wild Wadi Dubai lies, just next to Jumeirah Beach Hotel, on the Jumeirah Beach. The theme park built and owned by the Jumeirah Hotel Group, the Nr. 1 hotel group in Dubai, ensures both great quality services and a free entrance for all the residents of hotels belonging to the Jumeirah Group.

Wild Wadi of course has many rules, which one must follow for diverse reasons. Most important reasons are either religious-cultural reasons and secondly, although with the same importance, the security of everyone using all the facilities and equipments within the Wild Wadi Dubai.

Let us see the policies first, which have been made by a combination of security and religious reasons:

Out of swimwear, larger shorts are advisable for men to wear; for women, it is advisable to wear one-piece swimwear not the bikini type. If bikini, it must belong to the bigger category, not to reveal too much of the body. The swimwear must be always worn and tops of bikini should not be removed either, not even when sunbathing. No swimwear should be worn which is or turns to transparent when in the water, so women should be aware of that and not buy white bikinis which are likely to be transparent when wet. No swimwear should contain any writing of explicit content. Necklaces or other jewellery are not advised to be worn, as they carry several dangers when using some of the high speed or turbulent actions and might cause accidents, not to mention that they can get lost as well.

Diapers or nappies are not permitted for babies to wear, but swimming nappies can be bought in the gift shops of Wild Wadi. It is not allowed to wear shades when using any of the attractions except for river rides, in the pool and during sunbathing or being out of the pool. You can buy lanyards within this amusement park.

If you are refused to entry or advised to leave because of inappropriate swimwear, you can buy a piece of swimwear in one of the shops within Wild Wadi, which are suitable and accepted for wearing within the water park.

Please note that you will not see Muslim women in here, only men bring their children or come together with pals for a fun time. Muslim women only come on Tuesdays when there is the Women’s Day, a special day when only women and children under 10 years of age are allowed to enter.

By seeing only local men, in case you are women, you could think of someone as a single, but bear in mind that he might have his wife at home. Do your best not to befriend local men, especially when they are with children.

Children less than 1.1 metres of height will not be allowed to use some of the attractions. It is for security reasons.

Please bear in mind that keeping all these rules in Wild Wadi Dubai is extremely important, otherwise you might face troubles out of which, the refusing of your entrance is still the very best option. If you keep all these regulations, you will not get into any kind of trouble and you will have a surely happy time in the Wild Wadi water park. Dubai is a great place to be, but respect its rules; they also aim your safety.