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Shopping near Wild Wadi Dubai

Nothing can be easier than shopping near Wild Wadi, as the water park is located in the Jumeirah area, where the modern life of Dubai is, with all its modern architectural wonders, the Dubai Marina, the Burj Al Arab, the manmade island of the Palm Jumeirah, the skyscraper jungle of the Dubai Marina and the Jumeirah Lake Towers on the Jumeirah Beach. They are all full of shops, shopping centres, just like the huge complex of the Madinat Jumeirah, the nearby lying Mall of the Emirates, not to mention the huge Dubai Mall, all along the Sheikh Zayed Road.

The Madinat Jumeirah on the Jumeirah Beach, owned by the large Jumeirah Hotel chain is one of the main tourist shopping centres of Dubai. With hundreds of smaller and bigger shops, the Madinat Jumeirah has been created in order to suit both the shopping and the aesthetic needs of tourists as well. Dubai cannot be proud of its victorious past, as unlike most other Muslim lands or cities, it does not have much remaining of the past.

The people of Dubai were good fishermen and when they found that they had pearl in the Persian Gulf, the small settlement called Jumeirah started its flourishing business and trading life about which it is still the most known. The founding of the oil has brought Dubai the money it needed to widen its horizon toward such possibilities, which only a few countries can make come true. It made Dubai a business hub and a main tourist attraction of the area. However, what Dubai lacks, is the long history together with its remaining, ruins that can create touristic attraction. So, Dubai, just as Las Vegas decided to create its own history and own buildings. The Souk Madinat and in fact the whole city of Dubai is a great example of that. The Souk Madinat is a cross between a souk or old marketplace and a luxury Dubai shopping centre, and in its style, it resembles to a Kasbah or closed fortress out of which you can find many, all over the Arabic world.

Souk Madinat houses altogether three hotels and dozens of shops of different kinds. A tourist cannot find or buy only very few things in the Souk Madinat. The rest, you can buy in the closest big Dubai shopping mall, in the Mall of the Emirates.

Wild Wadi Dubai is one of the most popular attractions of Dubai, and it is really worth visiting this great place, packed with dozens of water-related attractions. Inside the Wild Wadi, there are many shops, most of all, for buying swimwear, sun-crèmes and other, water-related goods and toys. The nearby lying Jumeirah Beach Hotel also houses diverse shops, and if you would like to buy food and drink outside the Wild Wadi Water Park, then also you will find many small shops in the surroundings.

Of course, Wild Wadi will not allow you to bring any food or drinks in, only if you pack it away to their special storage place, from where they can take them upon departure from the water park. Wild Wadi is alone standing in many ways, and its surroundings houses just so many shop. There will be anything that for which you would need to walk a lot, while staying around Wild Wadi Dubai.