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Star Metro Al Barsha Hotel Apartments

Before going into details about the Star Metro Al Barsha Hotel Apartments, first we need to talk about the important of the Al Barsha district concerning accommodation and tourism. The Star Metro Al Barsha Hotel Apartments is one of the most popular hotels that tourists visit from all over the world. The reason for this is the good quality of the Star Metro Al Barsha Hotel Apartments, the attractiveness of Al Barsha and its closeness to Jumeirah Beach, and together with it the Palm Jumeirah, the Wild Wadi Dubai the water park, the Burj Al Arab Hotel and the Jumeirah Beach hotels. That is the biggest motivation for people to visit Al Barsha district, which is a lot cheaper than living in the Jumeirah district. Besides, Al Barsha counts also as the city, having the main artery of Dubai, the Sheikh Zayed Road, with the Metro Red line running there and enabling you to get from one part of the city to the other without lots of effort or paying an expensive but slow taxi.

As mentioned before, the Hotel is gifted to have such a wonderful location. Let us now see what are the top attractions that are the most suitable to visit from this hotel. First, there is the Mall of the Emirates to which the Star Metro Al Barsha Hotel Apartments is just adjacent. The second most popular and visited shopping mall of Dubai is the Emirates Mall having the ski complex inside called Ski Dubai, where people can ski just as in the mountains. You can even witness all the happenings once you get in to the mall where the glass is transparent, specifically for people to see Ski Dubai from the outside.

The Star Metro Al Barsha Hotel Apartments is a new Dubai hotel. Out of its windows, you can see the beautiful downtown of New Dubai. In addition, its surroundings are packed with hotels as most of Al Barsha. Therefore, if you go out, day or night, you will find hundreds of restaurants, grills, bars, discos and nightclubs open and calling you inside. However, let us resist this temptation now and get back to the hotel, telling more details about it.

The Star Metro Al Barsha Hotel Apartments is well equipped for both corporate and leisure travellers. There are great banquet and meeting facilities together with a Business Centre with all the modern technology people require these days. The hotel has a perfect shuttle service taking guests to either the Mall of the Emirates straightaway, or to the Jumeirah Beach. The apartments have a small kitchen as well, with a functioning fridge where you can store some extra food, in case you would get hungry after dinner. Thanks to its good location, the Hotel is also perfect for the transit passengers, who are only gifted with less than 24 or 48 hours of staying in Dubai.

Star Metro Al Barsha Hotel Apartments is indeed a great place to relax, but at the same time feel the rush of Dubai. The hotels is a perfect destination for adventure travellers and for those who do not like sitting at home, but spend most of their day out after a rich breakfast. Try the Star Metro Al Barsha Hotel Apartments if you are the active type of tourist and you will see it is really worth.